As the world's tourism industry enters a period of high growth, more and more tourism resources have been developed, and many undiscovered views are presented to the travelers. The demand for accommodation in the scenic area has increased, and the demand for accommodation comfort has been enhanced too. While meeting the requirements of tourists, the scenic spot should also pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment and reduce the impact on the natural environment caused by the development. WalMax® Steel Camping Pod will supply you with a new choice.

The WalMax® Steel Camping Pod has the advantages of safety and sturdiness, convenient disassembly and assembly, low construction cost, time saving and comfortable space. In places that engineering machinery is not available, the WalMax® Steel Camping Pod can be handbuilt. Construction waste is not generated during the entire installation process, and the building materials are 100% recyclable.

Due to its steel arched structure, the pod has perfect performance in earthquake resistance, wind and snow load pressure resistance and waterproof. There is no need to build the foundation and platform for the pod, and the anchor screws can adjust the camping pod flat. Indoor the pod, it is clean and anti-pest with sufficient sunlight, warm and dry.

If different types of camping pods are combined, supplemented by energy stations and water treatment system, you can get a complete campsite.

The WalMax® Steel Camping Pod has equipped more and more scenic spots and campsites in China and abroad, and has been loved by tourists and campsite owners.